How should I prepare my horse before a session?

- We recommend getting your horse "horse show ready". What this means is making sure your horse is cleaned, groomed, or braided before the session.
(Its HIGHLY Recommend Braiding or banding)
- This includes any props you wish to use for your session including bridles, halters, tack, etc
-We also recommend having a friend come along on the day of you're session, or ask me and I'll bring someone along. An extra hand to get ears up, hold items or extra horses helps make the session move smoother. This ensures you get the most out of your session

Do you Travel or have a travel fee?

- Yes! I travel around central IL and seasonally to Columbus OH // surrounding areas.
- I do have a small travel fee for any locations exceeding 25min
(Note that this fee can be split or waved depending on the circumstances, feel free to contact me for more information)

How long after a session do I receive my media

- My return time after sessions is 2-3 weeks. Although I will always provide a few "Sneek Peek" images briefly after the session for clients.

How long do I have to download my photos from my gallery?

Great question! So Gallerys are active for 90 days. After that point, your gallery will deactivate. All downloads, favorites and purchases should be completed by that time unless you specifically talk to me. (Extensions can be arranged upon request)


What if i want to use the media from my session for commercial use?

-Any content that is intended for commercial use has an additional fee for commercial rights, at the time of (or after the session) a client decides they want to use the media for that purpose just let me know!
-Otherwise, clients receive media for personal use unless specified otherwise

Do you offer discounts

-Yes! I offer students, military and senior discounts
- I also offer discounts for multi-session bookings
- Any other seasonal promotions will be available first for my email list

What if I have to reschedule?

-In the event that we must reschedule a session. The "rain date" is always provided on the date of the booking and the session will be moved to that date.

Do you have a question?

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