As a rider, I love going through all the photos at the booth after a horse show, trying to pick out the perfect one to take home. It's such a fun experience to relive those moments captured in the photos. But sometimes, it can be tough to choose just one photo when they all look so good! That's why I've come up with some tips to help you pick out the best photo to bring home with you.

First, consider the composition and framing of the photo. Is the horse in the center of the shot, or is it off to the side? Is there anything in the background that could be distracting? Look for photos with a clear focus on the horse and a balanced composition.

This ones great but the horses eyes are closed (and if your being picky, I had taken this slightly too soon) . Make to to look at all the details before making your decision, looking at the main points of focus, lighting and position can help you with this!

This is more what you want, rider, jump and horse are in focus with eyes open!

Next, pay attention to the horse's form and movement. Is the horse in a flattering position? Is the stride even and fluid? If it's an over-fences class, you want all 4 feet off the ground just enough to get a good arch. This is also the time to check and see if your horse's fly bonnet is flapping upward or not. Typically photos taken where the horse is jumping over an oxer have better composition than normal verticals.

Now : everyone has their own preference, but when looking for THE perfect photo this is important! This is too early, the horses back feet are still on the ground

THIS is what you want, feet just barley lifted, horse + riders position are great. and minus the bad focus on my video clip where I took this from its the position I would be looking for

This would be to late as the rider + horse is now leaving the jump. NOTE; Obviously if you are looking for a more creative shot, none of this may apply to what YOU want. At the end of the day pick the photo that resonates with you!

Finally, take into account the technical aspects of the photo. Is the lighting and exposure well-balanced? Is the photo sharp and in focus? Look for photos with clear, crisp details and vibrant colors. (Tip: before purchasing at a show make sure you are in focus and not the standards or background!!) when blown up on a big screen it can be hard to see but in order to get the best print this is a crucial step!

In terms of lighting, The one on the right would be my winner!

By considering these factors, you can choose the best photos to treasure and remember the amazing moments from a horse show. Don't be afraid to trust your instincts and go with the photos that speak to you and capture the essence of your experience.