So why did I rebrand?

As a business, I changed my name from Olivia Rose Photography to Mane Event Media because I felt that the former name limited me to only photography. I wanted to explore other avenues of media, including videography, Cinematography as well as other forms of media storytelling, and felt that a new name would better reflect my expanded range of services. While the name has changed, it's still the same me, but with a fresh new look and a more accurate representation of the work that I do.

my inspo

For me, it was about breaking free from the constraints of just photography and exploring new avenues. The process involved a lot of soul-searching and deep introspection, but ultimately it allowed me to create a brand that was more representative of my true passions and goals. From the logo design to the website layout, every detail was carefully thought out to communicate my message and vision effectively. Rebranding isn't just about changing your image, it's about shaping your identity and creating a brand that resonates with your audience.

Other design's I went through before picking the perfect one

Creating a brand that is versatile and open to growth was extremely important to me, and my rebranding process allowed me to do just that. I wanted to create a brand that could encompass my passion for photography, as well as other creative interests I have developed over time. By rebranding, I was able to expand my offerings beyond just photography and provide a wider range of services while pursuing future ideas.

The result was a brand that truly reflects who I am as a creative professional. It allows me to showcase my photography skills while also exploring other creative ventures. Rebranding has also helped me to stand out in a crowded market and attract new clients who are looking for a more diverse range of services.

Rebranding has been a valuable process for me as a creative professional. It has allowed me to expand my offerings and create a brand that is versatile, unique, and reflective of my values and vision. I am excited to see where this rebranding journey will take me and hope that I can find similar-minded people to join me along this journey!